5392 Route 49
Millville, NJ 08332
Phone: 856-327-4949

Thank you for your interest in Shorewinds Hunting Farm's Annual Memberships.

Our Hunting Season Runs From September 1st - March 31st

Available Memberships
4 50 Pheasant -- $1341.00 per hunter
Scratch Birds
Pheasant $11.50
Chukar $8.00
Quail $4.00
Bird Cleaning
Pheasant $3.25
Chukar $2.25
Quail $1.25
Guide and Dog
$60 per party.
Rules and Requirements
1 40 Chukar -- $840.00 per hunter
5 90 Quail -- $984.00 per hunter
Combo Hunts


Mixed memberships are available and can be tailored to your hunting needs. Please inquire with management.
Members without a dog would need Shore Wind's Dog and Guide added to each hunt at $60.00 per hunt. (Guide gratuities are appreciated)
Membership's Minimum Stocking: 8 Pheasant - 7 Chukar -10 Quail
Memberships Can be in two names. One Member must be present with their party; with up to 4 hunter per party, including member. Memberships must be used by the end of March. Member(s) cannot carry birds from one season to the next, and no refunds will be made for unused birds. Extra charges include: one day licenses, cleaned birds, and guide if needed. No Grounds Fee.


Contact Details

5392 Route 49
Millville, NJ 08332
Phone: 856-327-4949

"Shore Winds is operated by Jerry and Pat as though you are part of their family. It is not business as usual, they treat you as their guests, not as customers. The hunting grounds are a great mix of fields and upland woods, it makes hunting there a bit more challenging, you leave feeling that you have earned every bird you have taken." - Thomas Napoli